All You Need to Know About Lip Scrubs

There are a ton of beauty products parading in front of us every single moment, whether on TV, online or advertisements, our eye are bombarded with a plethora of product selections and their promotions in some form of another. From lotions, creams, serums to shampoos, conditioners, body washes and scrubs it’s all there! What we shouldn’t be ignoring is the small segment of lip scrubs that are often low key in terms of promotions and ads. Our lips are extremely sensitive and need equal (if not more) attention like our face and hair! When we talk about lip scrubs, what do we know? Let’s find out.

The lesser known and probably poor cousin to a body scrub, a lip scrub helps in removing dead skin, flaky cells from your lips and hydrate them effectively. They physically work to slough off patches and reveal a smooth and soft base so that your lip balm and lipstick work better.


Lip scrubs usually require a creamy or oily base. The common ingredients can be used separately and together to give better results such as marula oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, coconut oil and shea butter and various other essential oils and herbal extracts. When we talk about choosing the exfoliants, they are tiny little fragments that actually work to scrape off the dead cells and flaky skin of your lips. When we discuss natural ingredients, you can use cane sugar, coffee grounds and even coarse oats. Whereas the market bought variety have certain other ingredients which work to condition and polish your delicate lips and treat discoloration, performs exfoliation and nourishes the skin from within.

How to exfoliate properly

Are you wondering how you should go about exfoliating your lips in the right way? Well, this can quite simple since you can either procure a readymade exfoliant available in the market or simply use a homemade recipe for your pout. But be careful with the market variety as many of the lip scrubs that are commonly available contain harsh chemicals and artificial scent and color to make them look appealing to the buyer. Always ensure that you choose a good branded lip scrub that contains only herbal and organic ingredients that will work gently in making your lips softer and hydrated.

Firstly, wet your lips with clean water or a moisturizing lotion and apply your lip scrub. Take a small quantity (pea sized) on your finger and gently rub it on your lips for 30 seconds in gentle circular motions before rinsing off.

Now, there is an option for you to use a toothbrush to exfoliate your lips and if you are unwilling or are unable to spend any time and energy in preparing a home-made scrub, you can buy the best in quality lip scrub from Miracle Herbs. Containing organic ingredients that suit your lips, this scrub can help you achieve those soft kissable lips!

Tips and Warnings

While we know how exfoliation can help in getting that super soft pout and intensely hydrated lips, here are a few tips and warnings that you should be aware of.

  • Make sure that you use only gentle strokes while exfoliating your lips. If you scrub too hard, your lips can get sore.
  • After exfoliating your lips, remember to moisturize them effectively. Applying a rich lip balm after exfoliation would help you get the beautiful lips that you always wanted.
  • Avoid over-using the lip scrub. This might worsen dry lips conditions.
  • It is always better to exfoliate your lips once a week, maximum twice every week, but not more than that.
  • Homemade lip scrubs work wonderfully well too if you want to experiment. Remember to make fresh as their shelf life is very short.
  • Application of lip exfoliant with the help of a cotton swab is a good idea if you do not want to transfer the germs on your fingers into the tub or the scrub container.

These are just a few important things you should take care of while using lip exfoliants. For best results, use a product like Miracle Herbs’ lip scrub that contains the choicest of herbal and organic ingredients to give you that amazingly soft pout!