Are lip balms with beeswax the new sun protectors in summers

Protecting your skin against the peak forces of seasonal changes is as important as taking care of your health. From harsh winters to hot and dry summers, our skin needs different doses of nourishment to keep it healthy and glowing all year long. Amidst the skin care regime, our lips tend to be forgotten which are much more delicate than our facial skin.

It is important that we take care of our lips in the summer season as they tend to get dry, flaky and even discolored due to extreme temperatures and lack of care. Moreover, most of us slather generous doses of sunscreen on our faces but lips tend to be the neglected part that also requires adequate UV protection. This kind of neglect can not only lead your lips to show signs of aging but also make it prone to damage due to exposure to elements.

Nowadays we have an amazing range of products that help in taking care of our skin and keeping it naturally healthy and hydrated. Lip balms are a staple in our beauty kit that needs an honorable mention in our beauty routine. Having a plethora of ingredients that help in hydration and nourishment of the lips. One such ingredient is beeswax that is known world over for its goodness and nourishing properties. Let’s find out more about its goodness in detail.

  • A natural compound secreted by female bees that is often used in cosmetics, especially lip balms, the substance is particularly moisturizing and protects the lips from harmful rays of the sun.
  • It also helps in preventing infections and cold sores besides keeping skin soft and supple while locking in moisture with its natural emulsifiers.
  • Beeswax hydrates, conditions and soothes the skin without clogging pores. It enables the skin to breathe in extreme weather while creating a protective barrier against environmental pollutants and sun’s rays.
  • Research states that beeswax contains small amounts of natural antibacterial agents which help in healing excessively dry and chapped lips and also prevents painful inflammation that often accompanies an infection.
  • Beeswax is also known to have exfoliating and reparative products combined with nutritive vitamin content that aids in skin’s regeneration and rejuvenation by reducing appearance of aging, spots, wrinkles and signs of damage.

Many popular brands of lip balms contain artificial and petroleum chemicals that moisturize the skin but a natural ingredient like beeswax can help in seal in moisture keeping your lips moisturized for longer hours. With so many abundant benefits it is only right that you treat your pretty pout with the best products that bring in the best protection such as the Miracle herbs lip balm that is made with the organic goodness of beeswax to protect and nourish your lips.