Avocado Oil for lip balm

Avocado Oil – Why is it an important ingredient in a Lip Balm?

Avocado oil is quickly surging to fame with its impressive nutrient profile and spectacular health properties. While Avocado oil is beneficial for the whole body, when it is infused in a lip balm, there’s nothing like it!
Today, we are going to talk about the several benefits of Avocado oil and why it is an important ingredient in a lip balm.

A Powerhouse of Anti-oxidants and Vitamins

Packed with nourishing anti-oxidants, Avocado oil is a star ingredient for any organic lip balm. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a boon for those who have extremely sensitive skin and suffer from lip allergies. Besides anti-oxidants, Avocado oil also contains a slew of vitamins (A, E & D) and essential fatty acids that help in balancing the damaging free radicals in the body and reduce the oxidation stress on the skin.

Skin Softening

Recently, Avocado oil is being incorporated in a myriad of skin care products due to its skin softening properties. The presence of sterolin helps Avocado oil to make the skin soft and supple and enhance the natural appearance of the lips.

Wound Healing

Avocado Oil contains beta carotene, protein, lecithin, Vitamin D & E, and fatty acids which are supremely beneficial in healing any kind of wounds that might form on your lips. Not only does it soothes the skin but protects it against harmful environmental agents. And that’s not it! Research shows that Avocado oil can reduce the effect of sunburns and may even protect the skin from UV radiation.

Easy and Fast Absorption

Traditional lip balms contain a huge amount of Petroleum jelly that just sits on our lips and hardly provides any deep hydration. But Avocado oil lip balms penetrate deep inside the skin to provide thorough nourishment.
To reap its amazing benefits, all you need to do is apply a generous amount of Avocado lip balm on your lips and massage it nicely. It gets immediately absorbed into the skin and starts working its magic instantly. Let it stay overnight and see how plump and supple your pout looks the next morning!

Natural Lip Plumper

Who said they don’t want fuller-looking lips? Absolutely no one! The regular lip plumpers you get in the market have a stinging sensation to them which can cause discomfort and irritation. Avocado oil, on the other hand, gives a fuller look to the lips instantly. As it is quickly absorbed by the skin, it penetrates deeply and makes the lips plumper in the most natural way!
Miracle Herbs offers an immensely rejuvenating Lip Balm that contains pure avocado oil. Try it now and flash that million-dollar smile with confidence!

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