Can you use Face Oil as a Makeup Primer

Can you use Face Oil as a Makeup Primer

When we are referring to a makeup primer, we think of something thick and silicony in texture, not runny or oily. But what if we say that a face oil can be used as a primer?
Yes, we are aware that a facial oil and a primer are members of two different families – while one comes in the skincare category, the other is a makeup product.
Believe it or not, using a face oil as a primer is nothing new. Makeup artists all around the world have been using this technique for ages, especially for dry skin people. Let’s know all about how you can use this amazing skincare product as a primer for an even foundation application.

The Right Face Oil

We all can agree that the “dewy skin” trend is not going anywhere, anytime soon. But do you know that a facial oil paves the perfect path to achieve this look?
Remember, not all face oils can be used as makeup primers. For example, some oils have comedogenic properties that can clog your pores and cause severe breakouts. Therefore, you must always choose a non-comedogenic oil that is super-fine in texture and sinks in your pores without leaving a grimy residue.
Typically, facial oils used as makeup primers are extremely lightweight, non-greasy, and are quickly absorbed by the skin. They provide an illuminating and healthy glow that peeks through the layer of foundation. If you are not a fan of the mask-like feel that a normal primer provides, facial oil is the perfect choice for you. It will hydrate and prep your skin without weighing it down.

How to use it?

It’s just as simple as applying your normal primer. After washing your face with a nice cleanser, take a tiny amount of face oil on your palm and apply it on your face with patting motions of your fingers. This will help the oil penetrate better into your pores. Do not rub or smear the liquid.
After the oil has been applied, wait for some time to let your skin absorb it completely before you start your makeup routine.

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