Easy Lip care routine for chapped and pigmented lips

Amid all the skincare hype, we tend to forget about our delicate lips. The skin of our lips is very sensitive and tends to react to the changes in the environment more than the skin of our body or face. This is the reason why our lips get extremely dry and chapped in the winters. This is the reason that your lips need some timely care and pampering whenever possible!

Nowadays many beauty vloggers and gurus are coming up with various lip care routines. But most of them are time consuming and not practical at all. Our busy schedules don’t allow us to invest so much time every day in a lip care routine. We need something quick and which we can follow on an everyday basis.

Here is an easy yet effective lip care routine that will enhance the beauty of your lips in a quick and easy way.


Ok! Listen up! We don’t want anything harsh on your delicate lips. We know lips are gentle and the thought of scrubbing them can be intimidating. Miracle Herbs ‘perfect lips’ lip exfoliator will exfoliate your lips gently and make your lips super soft and plump. If you have pigmentation on your lips, regular use can fade out the discoloration and smooth out the uneven texture resulting in pinky, smooth lips. Apply it generously all over your lips and sleep it off! Get healthy-looking lips every day!

2. Moisturise

Your lips get dehydrated very easily. They tolerate so much after all! Moisturization is essential all year round. No one wants the hassle of applying a lip balm again and again. You need something that is instantly absorbed and hydrate your lips for the whole day. Miracle Herbs ‘perfect lips’ lip balm is the answer to all your lip care woes! This all-organic lip balm will not only moisturize your lips but also help with the hyperpigmentation. Enriched with natural ingredients, this lip balm will provide you with intense hydration which will make even the desert dry lips look radiant and lustrous.

Now achieve that perfect pout with the Miracle herbs ‘perfect lips’ lip care range. The organic ingredients will make those lips one of the most striking features on your face. Say no to chapped and cracked lips. So what are you waiting for! Order now and take a step towards pink and plump lips!