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How to Use Face Oil Correctly?

Facial oils have created quite a buzz in the skincare realm. Still, many people are not aware of how to use them correctly. Some people also think that a face oil can make your skin super oily and cause acne which is completely incorrect!
It all boils down to the correct way of application. Having the right face oil and using it correctly can change your skincare game forever. Let’s discuss further.

What is Facial Oil?

Our skin naturally secretes oils to keep it hydrated, healthy, and supple. These oils also strengthen the lipid barrier of our skin which protects it from the free radicals in the environment. But with age, this oil secretion reduces significantly, leaving our skin dry, damaged, and prone to early signs of aging such as age spots, lines, and wrinkles.
Facial oil is usually a rich concoction of several oils that mimics the natural sebum of our skin and thus provide intense hydration and an extra level of protection to the skin cells. You can also consider it as a kind of emollient that locks in the moisture of the skin, preventing excess water loss.
While the key benefit of facial oil is hydration, some facial oils are also formulated to provide anti-aging and healing benefits.

Tips to Use Face Oils Correctly

1) Pat, do not rub

No matter which oil or serum you use, to get the maximum benefits out of it, you need to apply it by using the right technique. Many people tend to rub them on the surface of the skin like moisturizers. Instead, you need to pat the oil gently into the skin by using small motions of your fingertips. This ensures that it is pushed deep into your pores and can work much better to reap fruitful results.

2) Little goes a long way

With face oils, you don’t have to slather on too much of the product. Take 4 to 5 drops initially and spread them all over your face. Massage by using gentle movements, as mentioned above. If you feel you need more, apply 1 or 2 more drops.

3) Mix with other skincare products

Facial oils are very versatile and can be used in a dozen ways. Many dermatologists and estheticians recommend to mix them with other creams, moisturizers, or serums to enhance their effects.

4) Blend in with your foundation

Don’t we all want that dewy base with a skin-like finish? Even the most liquidy foundations sometimes stick to the dry patches of the skin and look extremely cakey. Don’t worry, this tip is a lifesaver! For a healthy-looking and natural base, just add a few drops of your facial oil to the foundation and see the magic! Your skin will glow from within and your foundation will look absolutely flawless!

Where do Face Oils Go in a Skincare Routine?

These days, there are a plethora of skincare solutions in the market such as serums, toners, moisturizers, oils. But knowing the right order to use them can be quite confusing. Trust us, it’s actually not that hard.
You just need to follow a simple rule of thumb – when applying skincare products, go from lightest to thickest consistencies. You can never go wrong with this!
After washing your face, apply your lightest products first, like toners, serums, oils, and then move towards thicker consistencies such as lotions, moisturizers, or sunscreens. Of course, everyone has a different skincare regime as per their skin texture, type, or age. But this rule holds true for all kinds of routines.
At Miracle Herbs, we have come up with 2 unique and effective formulations that will enhance the beauty of your skin in the most natural way.

Our Ageless Face Treatment Oil is packed with Bakuchiol that is a natural form of Retinol. It is specially curated to treat different signs of aging and provide you with a clearer complexion without being harsh on your sensitive skin. The presence of CoQ10 further helps it to enhance your natural glow while Rosehip oil provides intense hydration that lasts for more than 12 hours.

With Hempseed Oil as the key ingredient, the Radiance Face Treatment Oil is an amalgamation of potent oils that revitalize the skin with all the essential nutrients to bring back its lost shine and luster.

Visit our online store and choose a face oil to meet your skin goals with the goodness of 100% pure, organic, and vegan ingredients!

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